How to share time reports

By default, all time reports are private and visible only to their owners (creators).

1. How to share time reports with users

To share a time report with a team member, select a time report → Click on Share.

Then, under Team Access → Share with Users →  Tick the ones who need to have access to it. This will display the shared reports in their Time Reports area.

NOTE: Depending on the user type: 

  •  Modify time entries (as a project manager)
  •  Only view the time report (as a regular user)

This way, we make sure data is accessible only to the right people.

2. How to share time reports with guests

To share a time report with a guest user, click on the Visibility dropdown → Search and select which guests to be assigned.

The permalink is now available under this area functioning as anonymous access – useful in case you want to share the item with a person who you don’t necessarily want to invite in as a guest user.

NOTE: If you share an invoice or estimate with a guest user, the "seen" status will show up only when the person has clicked on the permalink shared with them.