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My subscription got cancelled automatically

Find out why your plan got automatically canceled.

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When this happens, it usually means that the bank blocked the transaction, there are insufficient funds, or the credit card expired. If the bank blocked the transaction, please contact them and make sure they approve it and it’s set to be approved for future charges as well.

Once that’s done, go to your Paymo account and click on Your profile picture (bottom left) → Subscription and billing → Upgrade Account.

Don't worry though. When your subscription is canceled automatically, your account data remains intact and gets back to normal once you re-upgrade.

Q: What happens if I'm on an old plan?
A: In this case, you'll see two options: 

  • Upgrade account - if you select it, you will get back to your current subscription.

  • Switch to new pricing plan - if you select it, you will lose the old subscription and switch to the new pricing plans.

NOTE: subscriptions can be set up or canceled only from your online Paymo account from a desktop/laptop.

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