Knowledge base tips

The knowledge base will answer the most important questions you have about Paymo, giving you detailed information about each available feature. You can head directly to a section that interests you or use the search option if you’re looking for something specific.

We’ve designed it in such a way as to be as actionable as possible. That’s why, when you search for an answer make sure your queries are something like: “How do I […]?”. Eg: How do I add a project? How do I delete a client? etc.

You can access the knowledge base from the app by clicking on Your profile picture (bottom left corner) → Paymo Knowledge Base.

If you are logged into your account, when you click on the links that point to sections in the app, that section will open up in a new tab. This grants you quick access to it.

NOTE: On the bottom right, you'll find a chat icon so you can contact our support team in case you didn’t find the answer you were looking for.