How can I modify guest privileges?

Learn how to manage guest users.

Written by AndreiLast update 1 year ago

Guest are able to: 

  • View projects/tasks/time reports/invoices/estimates shared with them 

  • View upcoming milestones 

  • Create new Discussions and comment inside them

You can, however, give them extra rights from Guest settings → Privileges like the ability to:

  • Add tasks on their own

    Guest user permissions/guest user priviliges

Guests CAN’T

  • Be assigned to a task, nor assign users to a task

  • Modify task details for an existing task not added by them 

  • Access the Files area of a project (see Note 1

  • Access the Expenses module (see Note 2

  • Track time 

NOTE 1: Guests will still be able to access files under a task or task comment, as well as those within discussions. 

NOTE 2: There’s one special case when guests can view expenses, and that is when an expense has been attached to an invoice that’s been shared with them.

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