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Learn about the different Timesheet views.

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Timesheets will display tracked time and will also allow you to add time manually. 

Depending on how much information you wish to see, there are 5 different views each one with its own settings:

  • Active Timers - this allows you to track the current running timers in parallel for each of your team members, as long as you’re an admin user.

  • Day and Week - to add a time entry, click and drag on the desired time interval.

  • Month - to add a time entry, click on a day and fill in the details.

  • Agenda - to add a time entry, you can only use the Add Time button. Other than this, you can use the saved filters on top to filter time entries across the whole company after their appropriate Users, Tasks, Projects, Dates, or Invoiced Status.

You’ll also notice three distinct icons in front of each time entry that signal how the time was added:

- via stopwatch (stopwatch icon)
- via form-interval (stopwatch with arrows)
- via form-duration (stopwatch with a pie chart)

NOTE: Once you toggle the Agenda view, the time interval will be automatically selected from the previous view you've navigated from.

To change the time interval in any of the views, click on the current day/week/month (middle top) to access the date range toggle → select the desired time interval.

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