How to edit time entries

Learn how to edit the time entries using the Timesheets area

Written by AndreiLast update 1 year ago

If you've added an incorrect time entry and want to change it, go to the Timesheets module → Click on a time entry card → Edit Entry.

Copy/paste time entries (Timesheets)

You can also cut/copy and paste a time entry. Just cut/copy it first, then place your mouse and click on the desired time interval for it to show up. Hit paste as a final step.

Edit time entries (Desktop Widget)

Time entries can be edited inside the desktop widget and mobile app too.

To edit a time entry inside the desktop widget, click on the dropdown of a task → Hover over a time entry → Edit Time Entry.

Edit time entries (Mobile App)
To do the same inside the mobile app, tap a task → My Time → Tap on a time entry to edit it.

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