How to edit time entries

Learn how to edit the time entries using the Timesheets area

Written by AndreiLast update 10 months ago

If you've added an incorrect time entry and want to change it, go to the Timesheets module → Click on a time entry card → Edit Entry.

Copy/paste time entries (Timesheets)

You can also cut/copy and paste a time entry. Just cut/copy it first, then place your mouse and click on the desired time interval for it to show up. Hit paste as a final step.

Edit time entries (Desktop Widget)

Time entries can be edited inside the desktop widget and mobile app too.

To edit a time entry inside the desktop widget, click on the dropdown of a task → Hover over a time entry → Edit Time Entry.

Edit time entries (Mobile App)
To do the same inside the mobile app, tap a task → My Time → Tap on a time entry to edit it.

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