How do I create a Time Report?

Learn how to set up time reports in Paymo.

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Time Reports are based on time entries that reside in the Timesheets area, offering a detailed look into how you and your team’s time is spent.

To create one, go to Time Reports (left menu) → Add Report.

Let's walk through the time report settings one by one.

1. TIMESHEET REPORT NAME & TYPE - First, choose a name for your report to filter after it later and its type (Static or Live).

NOTE: Live reports are only available under the paid plans.

2. GET TIMESHEET DATA FOR - Next, choose your desired:

  •  Time interval

  •  Clients

  •  Projects

  •  Users

So the system knows what kind of information to filter after.

NOTE: You can even include data from archived projects and archived users.

3. DISPLAY & GROUP BY - Here, you need to select which parameters to display on the time report and in which order.

There are many combinations available so you can customize reports to different workflows and situations.

NOTE: If the first selected item is Time entries, the other options will become unavailable. So if you wish to group by users, days, and so on, make sure to select time entries after those options.

4. ADVANCED REPORT SETTINGS - This is the final step where you decide which details to exclude or display.

Perhaps you want to exclude all non-billable tasks, in case you want to send the report to your client as proof of your current billable work. Or include time entry notes

NOTE: You can round up time entries to certain increments, like when you perform minimal tasks that take between 5-10 minutes.

NOTE: You can also display cost and profit margin data in your report by checking the boxes in the Display area.

Further functionalities
And there you have it, a report that can be used either to check your team's performance or serve as a paper trail of work when it comes to invoicing your clients.

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