How to comment on a task or project

Learn how to leave comments on tasks or projects and collaborate with other users.

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You can collaborate with your colleagues in real-time, both at a task and project level.

To keep task updates in context, open the Full Task Details:

Write your feedback, then check which assigned users to notify using the Notify option ("+" icon).

This way you avoid spamming users who are not directly impacted by it.

The comments will chronologically appear in the Overview section, and all the assigned users will receive an email notification about it.

How to comment on a project
You can also start a separate discussion at a project level when you need to start a brainstorming session or inform the whole team about a specific topic.

To add a discussion, go to the Discussion tab of a project ā†’ click on the Add Discussion button.

Set up a Discussion Name and Description ā†’ attach any files if necessary ā†’ and choose which users to be notified using the Notify option.

Once created, you can post comments inside the discussion like indicated above.

NOTE: Comments and discussions are only available for the paid plans

NOTE: To receive comment and discussion-related email notifications, make sure the notifications are toggled on inside the project email notification settings.

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