How to use the task Calendar view

Learn how to use the Calendar view.

Written by AndreiLast update 1 year ago

Tasks can be displayed in different views: List, Table, Board, Calendar, and Gantt charts. The calendar view gives you a more visual way of displaying tasks, being structured in a calendar form you can see when a task starts and when it needs to be finished.

Using the Calendar view in Team's tasks will give you a birds-eye view of what's planned and what the team is working on from all users and projects in one place. By using the My tasks area you will be able to focus on your own timeline of tasks that you need to complete.

You can easily add new tasks, move them to a different date and view future occurrences based on the recurring tasks.

You can narrow down big lists of tasks by using the Add filter button and filter by status, task name, task id, task list, assigned users, priority, and creator to find exactly what you're looking for.

If you click on the More button you can select to display weekends and future recurring tasks to see what's planned ahead.

In order to navigate to previous or future months, you can scroll up/down or use the previous/next arrows. Also if you click on the date field you can easily select the desired month.

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