How do I add task lists and tasks?

Learn how to add task lists and tasks to your projects.

Written by AndreiLast update 1 year ago

Add task lists

To add a task list inside a project, go to the Tasks area of a project and either:

  • Click on the Add task list button on the bottom of the task list, OR

  • Click on the Add task list button between task lists (this appears when you hover over that particular area), if you want to add one in-between.

Add tasks

To add tasks to a task list, use the:

  • Add task button (top left) then continue using Enter/Return to enter new ones, OR

  • Go to the desired task list and click on Add task from there

Or from the Quick Add Button

Add multiple tasks at once

Create multiple tasks at once. Just copy and paste multiple lines of text into the Add Task area of List or Table View, then Paymo will create a separate task for each line.

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