How do I create a subtask?

Learn how to create and use subtasks

Written by AndreiLast update 1 year ago

Subtasks represent the best way to break down your task into smaller, more manageable chunks. They are simple, in the sense that:

  • They're either complete or not complete

  • You can't track time against them

  • You can't assign users to them

Think of them as a to-do list that resides inside a parent task for you to check off.

How to add, edit, and delete subtasks

You can create new subtasks in the Full task details:

If you would like to edit subtask names, click on them and edit inline. To delete a subtask, you need to hover over the subtask and click on the trashcan icon.

How to add multiple subtasks at once

Create multiple subtasks at once. Just copy and paste multiple lines of text into the Add Subtask area of the Full Task Details, then Paymo will create a separate subtask for each line.

How to view subtasks

In order to tell if a task has subtasks, go to the Full Tasks Details or use the List or Board view. You will see a tree icon and how many of the subtasks are completed from the total number of subtasks.

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