Rethink Integration

Learn how to integrate Paymo with Rethink.

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Rethink syncs all the files from the desktop, cloud apps, and favorite tools you already use in one place, so you don’t have to search after them individually.

NOTE: The free version comes with 10GB storage and unlimited drives to connect with.

Sync files to Rethink

To sync files from Paymo to Rethink, please follow the next steps:

1. Log in to your Rethink account or use the Google Sign On. The latter action will automatically sync your Google Drive account.

2. Once you’re in, go to Connected Apps (sidebar menu) → Connect → Paymo.

After you’ve granted access to Paymo, hit Install for all your files to be synced to Rethink.

You’ll know all files have been imported once you get this message:

3. Now click on the Paymo drive (sidebar menu). You’ll notice there are two types of files in Rethink: 

  •  Linked - Opens the original file in Paymo, but it’s not stored in Rethink (link icon)

  •  Copied - Are saved directly to your storage for instant access (checkmark icon)

To store a ready-available file from Paymo to Rethink, click on it → Add to Cloud Drive → Select the drive → Add here → Copy File.

The files will show up under your chosen drive.

Important notes

  •  This is a one-way sync.

  •  All task and project files in Paymo sync to Rethink (except those synced from Slack or Jotform to Paymo). Syncs are performed every 6 hours.

  • If you delete a file in Paymo, it will not be accessible in Rethink either. If you add a file in Rethink, it will not sync to Paymo.

How to revoke the integration

To revoke the integration, click on the Paymo drive (sidebar menu) → Settings → Press the garbage icon. Linked files will not be accessible anymore, but the copied ones will.

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