PomoDone Integration

Learn how to integrate Paymo with PomoDone.

Written by AndreiLast update 9 months ago

PomoDoneApp is a timer that allows you to clock in work through the Pomodoro technique. To upload projects and tasks from Paymo and track time against them, follow the next steps:

1. Head over to PomoDone’s website → My Account.

2. Select Paymo under Connect Integrations.

3. Click on Customize Paymo, where you’ll be asked to insert your Paymo API key.

To get it, log into your Paymo account click on your profile picture (bottom left corner) Your Settings.

Scroll to the bottom until you arrive at App Passwords (API Keys) click Generate to create an API Key.

Next, copy-paste it into the API Key field in PomoDone to configure the integration.

Once done, choose which Paymo project (left column) you want to sync with PomoDone (right column) by hovering over a project →  Add to PomoDone.

The right column settings also allow you to turn empty projects and lists on or off, as well as sync all your completed tasks and time entries directly into Paymo.

4. After saving these settings, head over to the web, desktop, or mobile app.

From there, click on the dropdown button to choose a Paymo project. All that’s left is to select a task and hit the timer for it to run backwards. Congrats, you’re all done!

BONUS: Start the Pomodoro timer in any task in Paymo once you have the Chrome extension:

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