How to sync tasks to Google Calendar

Learn how to set up the Google Calendar integration.

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With the help of this integration, you can sync all your tasks with a start and due date to your personal Google Calendar. Even change the dates and description of an event in Google Calendar, which will sync back to Paymo.

Tasks will show up as an all-day event in Google Calendar, together with their corresponding client, project, task name, description, and link.

NOTE: The sync happens almost instantly. Sometimes, it might take up to 30 seconds until the data is fetched from Google’s servers. When editing an event in Google Calendar, ensure you don’t have any full task details window open in Paymo for the corresponding task.

How to sync tasks to Google Calendar
In Paymo, click on your profile picture (bottom left corner) Add-ons and Integrations Connect to Google Calendar.

Paymo will inform you of the type of data it needs and display a successful message when the integration is complete.

The tasks will show up as all-day events under Paymo - My Tasks section in Google Calendar.

Important notes

  •  Tasks must have a start and end date to sync (can be the same day).

  •  Tasks created in Paymo will sync to Google Calendar, but events created in Google Calendar will not create tasks in Paymo.

  •  At initial sync, tasks with due dates in the past will not sync to Google Calendar. However, after the initial sync, if you change the dates or description of a task in the past, it will sync to Google Calendar. 

  •  Recurring tasks in Paymo will sync to Google Calendar, but recurring events from Google Calendar will not sync back to Paymo.

  • For changes in Google Calendar to sync back in Paymo, you must have editing rights for the corresponding task in Paymo.

How to revoke the integration
You can revoke the integration manually from Add-ons & Integrations:

The integration will be automatically revoked when you:

  •  Change the password from your Google account

  •  Archive a user

  •  Delete your account

  •  Your trial has expired

NOTE: When you revoke the integration, the imported tasks will remain in Google Calendar but not sync.

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