How to access the Paymo API

Learn how to use the Paymo API in order to import or export data to and from Paymo

Written by AndreiLast update 1 year ago

The Paymo API allows developers to access all the data in a Paymo account programatically. This can be used for third party integrations with our app, on-site backup processes or data extraction.

The Paymo API is a RESTful API that uses XML/JSON for serialization. The accepted request types (HTTP verbs) are: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.

When using the Paymo API with third-party software, we recommend that you use API Keys instead of asking for the user’s email and password.

API Keys can be generated from the Paymo application, on My Account page.

To learn more about the API, please go to the Paymo Github page.

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