How do I create recurring invoices?

Learn how to create recurring invoices in order to automate your invoicing.

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Recurring invoices are useful when you have recurring types of work for which you charge your client on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. It works great for retainer projects where the amount is the same each time.

There are two types of recurring invoices:

  • based on items added manually

  • based on unbilled data (time, tasks, retainers etc).

How to create a recurring invoice based on manually added items

Go to Accounting → Recurring Add Recurring Add empty row. You also need to select the customer, currency, start date, and frequency and if you wish to send it automatically via email. If not when the start date comes, they will be created and appear in the Invoices area so you can send them manually.

By clicking on Email Settings you can configure who the invoice will be sent to (1 or more emails), specific notes and if you wish to attach a PDF copy of the invoice to the email.

NOTE: If you don't select the Send Automatically option, you will need to go to the desired invoice and send it manually by clicking on the Send button.

How to create a recurring invoice based on unbilled work

Go to Accounting → Recurring Add Recurring Add Outstanding time/costs and select unbilled time, expenses, flat rate tasks, projects, or retainer period.

By creating a recurring invoice based on your unbilled work, you can automate your invoicing, this way you set the invoices to be sent automatically at the end of the month for example and invoice anything that's unbilled.

Once the recurring profile is set up you can see the history of invoices already created, create the next instance, clone the profile or pause the recurrence.

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