How to use Team's tasks

Learn how to use the Team's Tasks area.

Written by AndreiLast update 1 year ago

The Team's Tasks area gives you a birds-eye view of what your team is working on. Tasks can be viewed in a List, Table, and Board view.

The List view allows you to group tasks by Projects, Due date, and Priority. On top of that, you can use various filters to see only the tasks you're interested in.

The Table view comes with the same Project/Due Date/Priority groupings but gives you the option to display everything about the task in a spreadsheet type of view, so you can easily select what data you want to display or sort by from the View button.

The Board view gives you a more visual way of checking the state of your tasks, based on the workflows you've set up and their stages. The filter option here allows you to filter tasks for specific workflows so you can focus only on those tasks on top of the basic filters from the other views.

The More button also lets you choose which elements to show up on a task card.

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