What are shortcuts?

Learn how to use shortcuts in Paymo.

Written by AndreiLast update 8 months ago

If you frequently navigate to specific areas of the app, such as a particular project or a specific section like Tasks or Files, you have the option to create shortcuts for quick access. These shortcuts will be prominently displayed in the left-side menu. Think of it as a way to bookmark your favorite sections, much like creating browser bookmarks, but within the Paymo interface.

To create a shortcut you first need to go to the desired area → click on New shortcut and set a relevant name. Once the shortcut is created, you will be able to quickly get to that area of the app by clicking on it.

NOTE: You can also save external links (documents links, resources, etc.) as a shortcut, for ease of access.

To remove a shortcut, simply hover the Customize Menu icon (bottom) and click on the trash icon of the shortcut. You can create as many shortcuts as you need.

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