Search in Paymo

Learn how to use the Search function in Paymo.

Written by AndreiLast update 7 months ago

Use the global search to find: 

  • Clients 

  • Client Contacts 

  • Projects 

  • Task Lists 

  • Tasks 

  • Subtasks 

  • Milestones 

  • Comments 

  • Discussions 

  • Files 

  • Users 

  • Time Entries 

  • Invoices 

  • Estimates 

  • Expenses

Either type in the search bar on top of the sidebar menu or click on the magnifying glass icon to open the full search pop-up.

Here, you can access the advanced filters to narrow down your search after a specific set of parameters. Select the desired item first (client, project, task, file, etc.), then click on the funnel icon to display them.

Important notes 

  • Typing in a specific keyword will automatically highlight it across all search results.

  • Enclosing a keyword in quotation marks ("...") will trigger an exact match search.

  • The available advanced filters differ based on the selected item.

  • The most frequently searched items are prioritized at the top of the search pop-up, while the remaining results are accessible within the "More" dropdown.

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