Portfolio Gantt Chart

Learn about the Portfolio Gantt Chart.

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The Portfolio Gantt Chart acts as a project pipeline, displaying all the project timelines on a single screen. This way, you can easily decide if you should stick with the current ones on hand or take on new projects because of the open capacity.

To view all your projects in a Gantt Chart format, go to Projects → choose Portfolio Gantt Chart:

On the left side of the chart, you'll find all the projects collapsed. To view all their elements (task lists, tasks, and milestones), click on the dropdown button in front of each project for them to expand. These will show up as a timeline on the right side.

Above the chart, you can see the timeline filter that allows you to choose how to display the timeline (days, weeks, months, or years). The “fit” option will choose the right time filter in order to bring all the tasks to one screen.

Interaction with tasks

Apart from the regular interactions you can find in a project Gantt Chart, you can:

1. View minimal project details in a pop-up → Click on a segment

2. Access the full project → Double-click on a segment

You can also set up the critical path (the shortest time possible to complete a project) and highlight invalid links from the More button.

Advanced settings

If you click on the top right dropdown you can toggle on/off to display:

  •  Task dates - To see the start and end date of a project, as well as its elements

  •  Project Budgets (Worked from total) - To see if you've gone over the project budget or not

  • Clients - To see each project's corresponding client 

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