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How do I filter expenses?

Learn how to filter expenses.

Written by AndreiLast update 11 months ago

You can filter Expenses in both List and Table view when clicking on the filter icon. Click on “Add Filter” and select the input you need: expense name, client, project, added by, amount, date, status, tag, or note. Or, you can run a quick search by typing the relevant information.

Simply type or select from the drop-down list, then click “Confirm”. 

The filters in the List and Table view are identical. Select as many filters as you want, and save them as presets:

Add filters:

  • by typing and selecting: client, project, added by, status.

  • only by typing: expense name, amount (minimum and maximum values), tags, notes.

  • only by selecting: date.

If you want to see all the filters at a glance, toggle the “Show all filter options” view in the upper right corner:

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