How do I filter expenses?

Learn how to filter expenses.

Written by AndreiLast update 1 year ago

You can filter Expenses in both List and Table view when clicking on the filter icon. Click on “Add Filter” and select the input you need: expense name, client, project, added by, amount, date, status, tag, or note. Or, you can run a quick search by typing the relevant information.

Simply type or select from the drop-down list, then click “Confirm”. 

The filters in the List and Table view are identical. Select as many filters as you want, and save them as presets:

Add filters:

  • by typing and selecting: client, project, added by, status.

  • only by typing: expense name, amount (minimum and maximum values), tags, notes.

  • only by selecting: date.

If you want to see all the filters at a glance, toggle the “Show all filter options” view in the upper right corner:

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