How to record your time using Paymo Track

Learn how to track time using our desktop timer Paymo Track.

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Paymo Track is the best way of tracking time on your computer. It combines start and stop tracking, automatic time tracking, and the Pomodoro technique.

Paymo track is divided into four key areas: Timesheet, Recent tasks, Timer, and Settings

The timesheet

Is designed to display your tracked time in a timeline or agenda view and also display the apps you've used while running the automatic time-tracking feature.

To add tracked time from various apps, simply click on the desired time entry and link it to the relevant project and task, or select from a list of recent tasks.

With the Agenda view, you can quickly drag and drop tracked time to the desired task on the right.

Additionally, you can manually add time by clicking on the "Add time" button and selecting either an interval or bulk time entry.

Recent tasks

Recent tasks display your most recently tracked tasks, allowing you to easily resume tracking time either normally or by utilizing the Pomodoro technique. The three dots next to each task give you the option to mark them as complete, start your Pomodoro tracker, or view the task online for more details. Moreover, by clicking on "Add time", you can manually add time to a specific interval or bulk time entry.

The timer

The Timer function enables you to record time using regular start/stop tracking or the Pomodoro technique. You can easily filter projects and tasks by typing in a few letters to refine your search.

 Linking Rules 

The fastest way to sync entries with tasks is to create rules. App activity detected by Paymo Track will automatically be linked to a specific task and project.

You can manage existing rules and create new ones from the Linking Rules menu. 

  1. Access the โ€œRulesโ€ menu. 

  2. Add a new rule. 

  3. Apply all previously created rules. 

  4. Run, duplicate or delete an existing rule. 

NOTE: You can edit pre-existing rules by clicking on them. 

Creating a new rule  

When setting up a new rule, you can easily pick from your recently used apps and programs. Apps can also be included based on window title, with custom parameters. 

Once your rule is configured, you can choose the project and task that your time will be linked to.

The Settings area

Finally, the Settings area provides you with access to setting up how Paymo Track operates and looks. You can control settings such as launch at startup, idle time detection duration, and even spellcheck. You can set Paymo Track to clear your time entries at log out or manually clear the application data (cache/local storage). The Pomodoro settings allow you to set up your focus time and breaks and enable sounds.

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