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Learn about the Project Overview.

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The Project Overview Tab is the best place to get detailed information about a project's health in terms of:

  •  Time worked - A burndown graph of how much time you've tracked against the project budget, expressed also in terms of remaining and total hours.

  •  Completed tasks - The number of completed tasks out of the total ones, plus the ones that are still open and due.

  •  Unbilled AR - The total sum of all the unbilled time entries and tasks (based on the default company currency), plus open expenses (with their own currencies).

  •  Assigned users - These are the people assigned to this project and can be later assigned to tasks.

NOTE: You can spot who's the project manager by the green halo surrounding their avatars.

NOTE: If a project has guests assigned, they will be represented by the orange eye icon.

  •  Tasks - It displays the tasks and tasks list in your project, in the different views available.

  •  Timesheet - Based on your user type, it displays the time tracked by you (regular user), the entire company (admin), or the users you manage (project manager).

  •  Milestones - Present you late and upcoming milestones grouped in chronological order. Non-admins only see the milestones they’re responsible for.

  • Finance - Gives you an insight into how profitable a project, client, and user is by comparing your internal costs to the amount you charge the clients.

  • Latest events - Displays the latest activities performed by the users assigned to the project in chronological order, like new tasks, new clients, new comments, new invoices, changes made on projects, etc.

This way, there's no need to create a report in terms of the project's current development as all these details are available at a glance.

NOTE: Users will see different information depending on their user type.


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