When creating a new project you get to decide between time and materials projects, flat projects or non billable projects.

Time and materials projects
Are useful when you wish to see how much time you spend on a specific project and you want to invoice based on that worked time. When creating a time and materials project you get to decide the billing priority and select between user rate, task rate, project rate or company rate.

Time and materials projects can have time based, flat rate or non billable tasks.

Flat rate projects
Choose this option when you and the client agree from the start on a project price and the final cost won’t depend on how much time you work on the project or the tasks. You can still track time for the project to see how much it took you to complete, but that won’t affect the billing.

Flat rate projects can only have non billable tasks.

Tips & Tricks If you switch from a flat rate project to a time and materials project, the tasks will default to non billable, unless you change them manually in the Tasks section.

Non-billable projects
Non-billable projects are usually designed for internal use or for work that you don’t want to charge for, but still want to keep track of how much time it took you to get it done.

Non billable projects can only have non billable tasks.

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