Slack Integration

If Slack is how you keep in touch with your team, then Paymo is the way to make it more collaborative. By integrating Paymo with Slack you'll be able to add tasks, projects, start the timer, and more right from your Slack interface.

In order to do that, there are a couple of steps that you need to follow:

Setting up the Slack integration as the account owner

1. Install the Paymo Slack app by clicking on the Add to Slack button

Or go to your Add-ons area in your Paymo account.

Or go online to the Slack App directory Install:

2. Authorize the integration

Setting up the integration as a regular user

Each user needs to type in /paymo setup in order to link their Slack user with their Paymo account:

Then follow step 2 from above to authorize the integration.

To learn more about the available commands, please click here.