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How do I create an invoice?

Learn how to create invoices in Paymo.

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In order to create a new invoice, you need to go to Accounting → Invoices Add invoice. You can add items manually to the invoice by inserting new rows or by clicking on the Add outstanding time/costs and select from the dropdown: 

  •  Add from Timesheet – creates an invoice based on tracked time

  •  Add from Expenses – adds expenses to the invoice, but make sure they have the same currency as the invoices.

  •  Add from Projects – creates an invoice based on flat-rate projects

  •  Add from Tasks – creates an invoice based on flat-rate tasks

  • Add from Retained Period - creates an invoice for retainer period

NOTE: You can find more information on how retainers work here: How to create and use retainer projects

NOTE: If you select Add from Timesheet, there's the option to attach a time report to the invoice to offer more details about what you've been working on. 

You can also create an invoice by going to Projects → Select a project → Overview → Click on Invoice Unbilled AR

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