What is Paymo?

Paymo is an online work and project management platform that helps teams and freelancers alike to manage tasks, create team schedules, track work time, and bill clients - from one place.

Knowledge base tips

The knowledge base will answer the most important questions you have about Paymo, giving you detailed information about each available feature. You can head directly to a section that interests you or use the search option if you’re looking for something

Where to start?

Starting out with Paymo

Interface and overview

Learn how to navigate through Paymo, choose only the modules that you need, create shortcuts, and track time via the web timer.

Quick Add Button

Learn how to use the Quick Add function.

How do I customize the sidebar menu?

Learn how to customize the sidebar menu.

What are shortcuts?

If you constantly work in certain areas of the app (for example a certain Project or a specific area of a project like Tasks or Files), you can create a shortcut to that section that will be shown in the left side menu. It will work just like creating a f

Search in Paymo

Learn how to use the Search function in Paymo.

What if I get stuck and have questions?

For any questions you might have, use the in-app help icon on the bottom right of your screen or the contact form.

Can I schedule a demo presentation?

How to schedule a demo.