What are bookings?

Learn what bookings are, how to create one and how to use them.

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Inside the Team Scheduling module, you'll discover a resource calendar for both your team and projects. Here, you're able to view availabilities and add new task bookings.

What is a task booking?

A task booking denotes how much time a user should work on a specific task for a given day.

This means that admins and project managers can follow how busy their teams are if they're getting too crowded or can still be assigned more work.

Booking groupings

There are three different groupings on top to toggle between:

  • Users - Where bookings are grouped by user

  • Projects - Where bookings are grouped by project

  • Ungrouped - Where bookings are shown as a timeline, no longer grouped by project or user

NOTE: Each booking has its own unique booking ID (reachable inside your browser's address bar once the booking is open), which you can share with other users.


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