How do I create a recurring task?

Learn how to use and create recurring tasks

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Recurring tasks are useful for repetitive types of work when you have to do a task on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Like sending out emails or posting on social media.

How to create a recurring task

Open the Full Task Details view and click on the recurring task icon.

Here, select:

  • How often it repeats 
  • The start date
  • When it stops (either on a specific date or after a number of occurrences)     

NOTE: If you want to create a recurring task that shows up today, you need to create it one day in advance.

Once a recurring task profile is created, you can pause/start it or modify the data from the Edit Interval button.

Future changes

If you make any changes to the task like set a new description, assign a new user/new date, you need to click on the Modify future occurrences for these changes to apply in the future tasks.

What you need to know:

  • You can mark a recurring task as complete once you're done working on it. The task will show up in the project's Tasks area only on the date of the next reoccurrence.
  • If a task is deleted and the recurring profile isn't paused, tasks will continue to be created based on that profile.
  • If a task is moved to a different project, the occurrence will still continue in the old project, but not in the new one.
  • The recurring profile will remember everything about the task except time entries, files, and comments.

    NOTE: You can't set a specific hour for when the recurrences need to show up.
    NOTE: Recurring tasks are not saved by project templates.

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