JotForm Integration

Learn how to integrate Paymo with JotForm.

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JotForm is an online form builder that allows you to create professional-looking forms without a single line of code. Anyone with access to the form can add projects, tasks, and files directly into Paymo.

Add projects, tasks, and files in Paymo from JotForm

1. Sign up or log into JotForm

2. Click on the Create Form button.

3. Choose a Form Layout with all questions on one page or one question per page. I’m going to choose the first one.

Then either start with a blank form or use a template. Again, I’m going for the first one.

Lastly, you need to add a Form Title. Because I’m creating a task submission form, I’ll stick with “Task Submission Form”.

4. Once created, it’s time to head to the Build area → add form elements from the Add Form Elements button, or drag them from the left menu one by one.

It’s important to note at this stage that this integration only supports the sync of three form elements:

  •  Short Text Entry →  Project Name or Task Name

  •  Long Text Entry → Project Description or Task Description

  •  File Upload → Project Files or Task Files

This doesn’t mean you can’t add other elements, but only these three will get synced into Paymo.

Since this is a task submission form, I’m adding a:

  •  Short text entry → Task Name

  •  Long text entry → Task Description

  •  File upload →  Task Files

This is how a first draft should look like:

This doesn’t look so appealing, so go ahead and click on the Brush icon in the top right corner to stylize the form in such a way as to better reflect your brand.

5. So far, we’ve only built a form. Next, head to the Settings area on top → Integrations → Search for Paymo to configure the integration.

6. Once you click on Paymo, a Form Authentication will pop up for you to make the sync.

Allow JotForm to access your Paymo account, and this message will greet you upon the successful connection.

Now, choose the Action Type → Create a Project or Create a Task for this form.

I go for Create a Task, then type in the Project to be associated with this task. The task lists will further appear in a dropdown.

NOTE: If the task list is left blank, the system will automatically create a default task list in Paymo.

What’s left is to match the JotForm Fields with the corresponding Paymo fields.

NOTE: For the Create a Project option, you can select which client to associate with the newly created project.

With all the parameters set, hit the Save button and you’ll be greeted by this message to know that you’ve successfully connected this form with Paymo.

NOTE: Each form requires you to go to the Settings option and choose whether you want to create a project or task when the form answers are submitted.

7. With the form and integration set, the last step is to share the form with your clients. For this, head to the Publish area and copy the form link.

HEADS UP: If you’ve already set up the integration, but want to go back to the Build area to modify certain form parameters, you must update the integration again. Otherwise, the integration will not work.

For a quick test, we’ve filled our form with data.

The form results will show up in Paymo either as a project or task (task in this case), depending on the option selected.

NOTE: You can embed these forms into your website to automate your workflow even further.

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