How to set late payment reminders

Learn how to set late payment reminders.

Written by AndreiLast update 9 months ago

Once invoices are sent out to clients, you can set late payment reminders that will be sent to clients automatically.

Note: The email used to send the reminder is the one set for the client, not the contacts.

To do so, click on your name (bottom left) → Company settings → Project accounting → Invoices and estimates → Late payments reminders. Within this section, you have the option to configure up to three late payment reminders. These reminders will automatically send email notifications after a specified number of days past the due date.

NOTE: When a reminder is sent out to the client, you will receive a copy as well. The email is sent to the email address you've set in the Company settings area.

If the invoice is overdue you can also send reminders manually to clients by going to Invoices select the invoice → Send reminder.

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