There are 3 types of tasks in Paymo:

  • Time based
  • Flat rate
  • Non-billable

By default, tasks inherit their billing type based on the project. This mean that:

  • For a Time and materials project, all tasks will be time based.
  • For a Flat rate project, the task type isn’t relevant, because a flat rate project cost is independent from tasks, so tasks are marked as non-billable.
  • For a Non-billable project, all tasks will be non billable as well.

NOTE: You can change the billing type of tasks only for Time and materials projects. This means you can have a time and materials project and have time based, flat rate, and non billable tasks in the same project.

In order to have flat rate tasks, you need to: set the project to Time and materials → Set the billing priority to tasks → Change the task billing type to flat rate.

To change the task type you can either hover over the task in ListFull task details and change the billing type or do it from the billing type colums inside the task Table View.

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