For security and privacy reasons there are 3 types of users in Paymo:

  • Admin: has access to everything. It means that admins can see financial information, client data, company settings and other user data like tracked time and assigned tasks. Can control everything in the Team Scheduling area as well.
  • Project manager: can manage the assigned projects, also has access to the timesheets of the users assigned to those projects. He’s able to assign tasks to users, create task lists and tasks. He doesn’t have access to invoicing and cannot add projects unless given that type of privilege, but can't see the project billing rates or billing info unless given the right to manage invoices. Can create bookings for the users/projects they're set as project managers.
  • Regular user: is limited to the tasks he’s assigned to. Doesn’t have access to the invoicing option by default and isn’t able to create new projects. He’s able to start new discussions and view the files associated with the project he’s assigned to and add new tasks. Regular users can be given more privileges like the option to create projects or to manage invoices, expenses and estimates. Can only see the bookings created for them, can't create own bookings.

You can learn where to set each account type here.

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