Paymo mobile is designed exclusively for time tracking. You can download our mobile app from your Paymo account by clicking on Your profile (bottom left corner) → Add-ons & Integrations, from our website, or the Apple and Play Store.

Use it while on the go to track time, add tasks, and filter them after their corresponding project, due date, priority, and task status (progress). Let's dive in on its different tabs.

Recent Work tab

Displays all the tasks you’ve tracked time for today and all the past days, so you have a better idea of how they add up.

For more details about a task, tap on it and choose between:

  • Overview - to view all the task details (task list, due date, priority, progress) or mark it as complete
  • Task Entries - to view all the time entries and their nature (if they were added in bulk or via the timer), or manually add time

NOTE: To mark a task as complete, you can also swipe right on the desired task and tap the complete checkbox.

You’ll also notice that if you have a task with a running timer, it will show up in the ribbon at the bottom, with all the minutes that have already passed by. Tap on it to expand it and add time entry notes for more details.

NOTE: To add a new task, click on the  “+” icon in the top right corner, which is available across all tabs.

Project tab

Shows you all open tasks for each project that you’re assigned to.

Due Date tab

Groups all your assigned tasks after their due date.

Priority tab

Groups all your assigned tasks after their priority (critical, high, normal, low).

Progress tab

Allows you to check all the available workflows that you’re part of, and groups your assigned tasks after their task status (progress).

NOTE: Slide the two lists to the right to view all the available workflows and their corresponding tasks statuses.

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