Full task details is a View/Edit mode for a task where you can View/Edit all the information associated with that task, like due date, assigned user, add comments, add files, add time entries etc. The task ID can be edited indirectly by editing the project ID. You can access full task details in different ways based on the view you’re in:

  • Simple view – hover over a task → Full task details.
  • Table view – hover over the task → Task details.
  • Progress board – click on a task card and it will open the settings area.
  • Gantt charts – double click on the tasks in the sidebar or click on the task in the calendar view → Task details.

You can also change the project and task list the task is associated with and set time budget and due date alerts.

The task description can be formatted by adding indentations, strikethrough, bold, numbering etc by selecting the desired text. You can also move the task to a different project if you wish to.

Here you can also change the type of task you want to use: non billable, time-based or flat rate by clicking on the task type dropdown.

You can also set the desired priority by selecting High, Critical, Normal or Low.

Pro Tip:
You can access each tasks via an URL in the following format: https://app.paymoapp.com/#Paymo.Tasks/TaskID

This can be useful for referencing tasks in Git commits (bugtraq can automatically generate a link to the Paymo Task details page). 

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