After your first login you will notice that there are 5 main sections:

The Search box helps you to easily find projects, clients, tasks, files, invoices, estimates and so on, based on the keywords you type in.

The Home Screen acts as command center for all your task management activities, giving you access to My Tasks, Team's Tasks and the Dashboard.

My Tasks shows all the unassigned tasks and the ones specifically assigned to you. Team's Tasks groups all the tasks from all the projects in one place, offering you a bird's-eye view of what everyone is working on. While the Dashboard is a live stream of data from all the projects, clients, invoices, milestones and more. It’s a good way of evaluating the overall company health.

The Navigation menu is where you’ll find most of the data like clients, projects, tasks, invoices, users etc.

The Web timer is designed to help you track time for specific projects and tasks. You can undock and reposition it on the screen by clicking on the arrow in the top right corner of the timer. If the timer is running and you close the tab or browser, it will continue running until you stop it.

The Settings section can be accessed by clicking on your name (bottom left corner). There you have access to your subscription and billing settings, user settings, company settings, Paymo Knowledge base, the Apps area, and Paymo add-ons.

Tips & Tricks The menu can be collapsed by clicking on Collapse Menu on the bottom left. This way you can get more screen space for displaying the information.

On the bottom right corner, there’s a support icon that you can use anytime to contact us for questions or suggestions.

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