Get Started

Learn what Paymo is, about the interface and the first steps to set it up.

Video Tutorials

Watch these short video tutorials to onboard faster in Paymo.

Subscription and pricing

Learn about the different pricing plans and how to set up a subscription.


Learn how to setup your clients and their contacts.


Learn how to set up projects, tasks, and how the different views work.


Learn how to add a new user, archive, and activate existing ones.

Company Settings

Learn how to set up your company details, logo, email templates, custom project templates, etc.


Learn how the My tasks, Teams tasks, and Dashboard area work.

Desktop Apps

Lean how to download and use the desktop timers and automatic time tracking app.

Mobile Apps

Learn how to download and use the mobile apps on Android and iOS.


Learn how to add time manually and review tracked time using the different views.

Team Scheduling

Learn how to create bookings, what ghost bookings are, how to add leave days and more.

Gantt Charts

Learn how to set up your Gantt charts, dependencies and plan your work.


Learn how to create invoices, send them to the client and get paid for your work.


Learn the different ways you can setup estimates.


Learn how to create expenses and how to add them to your invoices.

Paymo Integrations

Learn how to integrate Paymo with Google calendar, Slack, Quickbooks Online, Xero, and more.

Time Reports

Learn how time reports work and how to share them.


Learn how the Table view in Clients, projects, invoices, etc can help you with analytical data you can import into Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

User Settings

Learn how to setup your own user settings.


Learn about GDRP compliance, how to set up email templates, custom SMTP, and more.


Learn what to do if you can't remember your password, if you have problems with the invoices and more.

Paymo offers & Promotions

Learn about perks and promotions you can get as a Paymo user.