By default, all time time reports are private and visible only to their owners (creators).

One way of sharing them is via the permalink at the bottom of each report. This is usually for external access to clients or people outside of your Paymo account.

The other is from the Share button. Let's see exactly how.

1. How to share time reports with users

To share a time report with a team member, select a time report → Click on Share.

Then, under Team AccessShare with Users →  Tick the ones who need to have access to it. This will display the shared reports in their Time Reports area.

NOTE: Depending on the user type

Modify time entries (as a project manager)
Only view the time report (as a regular user)

This way, we make sure data is accessible only to the right people.

2. How to share time reports with clients and contacts

Contacts within a client can also view time reports through the client portal

To grant them access, select a report →  Enter the time report settings → Under Get Timesheet Data For, make sure you select only ONE client.

Once the time report is saved, click on Share like before → Tick the checkbox under Client Portal Access.

NOTE: You need to grant your client's contact access to the client portal first
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