Recurring tasks are useful for repetitive type of work, when you have to do a task on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Like sending out emails or posting on social media.

How to create a recurring task

Open the Full Task Details view and click on the recurring task icon.

Here, select:

How often it repeats,
The start date,
When it stops (either on a specific date or after a number of occurrences).

NOTE: If you want to create a recurring task that shows up today, you need to create it with one day in advance.

Once a recurring task profile is created, you can pause/start it or modify the data from the Edit Interval button. 

Future changes

If you make any changes to the task like set a new description, assign a new user/new date, you need to click on the Modify future occurrences for these changes to apply in the future tasks.

What you need to know:

You can mark a recurring task as complete once you're done working on it. The task will show up in the project's Tasks area only on the date of the next reoccurrence.
If a task is deleted and the recurring profile isn't paused, tasks will continue to be created based on that profile.
If a task is moved to a different project, the occurrence will still continue in the old project, but not in the new one.
The recurring profile will remember everything about the task except time entries, files and comments.

NOTE: You can't set a specific hour for when the recurrences need to show up.
NOTE: Recurring tasks are not saved by project templates.
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