Paymo time tracker is designed to help you easily track and edit tracked time when using Adobe CC products without the need of an external app.

To activate and add the time tracker to your Adobe CC account, navigate to WindowsExtensionsPaymo Time Tracker. Make sure your account is set to be in sync.

You can also follow this link

Compatibility on Mac and Windows:

Photoshop CC (2017) 18.0 - CC (2019) 20.0
InDesign CC (2017) 12.0 - CC (2019) 14.0
InCopy CC (2017) 12.0 - CC (2019) 14.0
Illustrator CC (2017) 21.0 - CC (2019) 23.0
Premiere Pro CC (2018) 12.0 - CC (2019) 13.0

NOTE: This is not an automatic time tracker, you still need to start-stop the timer whenever you work. For automatic time tracking, please check PaymoPlus
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