The Gantt Chart views in Paymo allows you to schedule, adjust and monitor your projects. In fact, the Gantt Chart is one of the most popular technique used in Project Management for scheduling, monitoring and adjusting projects. The Gantt Chart shows you how activities and tasks are displayed against time and it offers answers to critical questions: “What needs to be done?“, “When does a task start and when it is scheduled to be completed?“, “Which activities overlap and what are the connections between tasks?” or “Who is the person responsible for a task?“.
 If you’re not familiar with this technique, you can learn more about Gantt Charts in our Academy.

At this moment, there are 2 types/views of Gantt Charts in Paymo: the “portfolio Gantt Chart”, where you can see the schedule for all the active projects in your portfolio and the “regular” one, which will show you the schedule for a particular project.

You can access the portfolio Gantt by clicking on “Projects” → and choose “Portfolio Gantt Chart” from the dropdown menu on the second column.

The Portfolio Gantt offers a bird’-eye view of all projects schedule

In order to access the Gantt Chart for a particular project, click on Projects → choose a project → Tasks → and from the top right dropdown menu, choose “Gantt Chart”.

The simple Gantt offers a bird’s-eye view of a particular project schedule

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